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Gunsmithing and it's history 

America's Great Gunmakers 
by Wayne Van Zwoll 

Arms Makers of Colonial America 
by James B. Whisker 

Arms Makers of Pennsylvania 
by James B. Whisker 

Arms Makers of Philadelphia, 1660-1890 
(Mellen Studies in History, Vol 8) 
by James B. Whisker 

Arms Makers of Virginia and West Virginia 
(Mellen Studies in History, Vol 9) 
by James Biser Whisker 

Black Powder Hobby Gunsmithing 
by Sam Fadala, Dale Storey 

Firearms Disassembly With Exploded Views 
by John Karns, John Traister 

Frank Pachmayr the Story of Americas Master Gunsmith & His Guns
by James Lachuk

Gun Digest Book of Shotgun Gunsmithing 
by Ralph Walker 

Gun Digest Book of Riflesmithing 
by Jack Mitchell 

Gunmakers of London 1350-1850 
by Howard L. Blackmore 

The Gunsmith's Trade 
by James Whisker 

Gunsmithing at Home 
by John Traister 

Gunsmiths of Lancaster and York Counties, Pennsylvania 
(Mellen Studies in History, Vol 6) 
by James B. Whisker, Stacy B.C. Wood 

Gunsmiths of the Carolinas 1660-1870 
by James Biser Whisker 

Gunsmiths of Western Pennsylvania 1763-1900 (Mellen Studies in History, Vol 7) 

Hatcher's Notebook 
by Julian S. Hatcher

Lock, Stock, & Barrel : Making an English Shotgun and Shooting  With Consistency 
by Cyril S. Adams, Robert Braden 

Modern Custom Guns : Walnut, Steel and Uncommon Artistry 
by Tom Turpin 

Professional Stockmaking
by D. Wesbrook